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Major publishers have been printing overseas for many years. With our customer service teams, you can save your printing cost with us. Printing in Hong Kong, Printing in China will not be nervous and reluctant anymore. See our clients' comments, they are enjoying printing overseas with us.

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High Quality Children Books
Hard Cover Children book

" Regal printing is professional and timely. They really worked with us in regards to our printing of our book. Since, this is our first time printing a children's book, we were nervous and not quite sure how to go about printing our book. Regal Printing really took the time to work with us and answer all of our questions. It was as though we knew them very well. "
" Thank you Regal Printing. "

Odyssey Publishing, CO, USA

High Quality Children Board Books
Children Board Book

" Regal Printing is one of the most professional and personable manufacturing companies I have done business with to date"

" Their staff and management were courteous, flexible and kept all deadlines "
"In fact in some instances, I received my products ahead of time"

Brian K. Williams
President/CEO, Gabriel Toys, Inc., Brooklyn, New York, USA

novels  novel

" Regal Printing has left other printing companies in Asia behind with professional advice, quick turnaround times, excellent customer service, quality output meeting international standards and cost-efficient pricing. A well-managed company with dedicated staff. "

R. Bresler, Publisher
Book of Dreams, Verlag, Germany

High Quality Children Books
Hard Cover Children book

" Seldom does a company deliver more than what you expect, which is what Regal Printing has done. They were amazing and the quality and service were unimaginable. While the first shipment was unloaded, the delivery company offhandedly commented, "These are really nicely packaged". Everything detail was precise and professional. It is with enthusiasm that I recommend their services."

Robert Morris, President
Ursu Publications, IL, USA

High Quality Children's Books
Hard Cover Children book

" They produce high quality works with a strong emphasis on customer service. Rarely do you get fast turn around, high quality and a great price. I received all of these from Regal. When I checked Regal Printings references when I was researching printers they were all so positive, I now know why....."

Kim Likins
Island Friends, LLC, SC, USA

Coffee Table Books Printing
Deluxe hard cover book

" I highly recommend Regal Printing Limited. "
" I researched several printers before choosing Regal Printing. They were not the most expensive, nor were they the cheapest. They were just the most detailed and comprehensive company that I contacted. "

Steve Kennedy
Golden Cat Publishing, Denver, CO, USA

Children Board Books Chidren Story Books
Children board book and hard cover book

" Regal Printings customer service, pre-press abilities and on time delivery far exceeded my expectations. "

" I would venture to say that they are by far the best
printer I've worked with. "

Corkey DeSimone
President, Corkey's Kids, Washington, DC, USA

Computer Books Printing
One of the best selling books in

" They provided superior products at a great price. From bluelines to cover proofs, everything arrived in the U.S. via FedEx without delay. "
" The staff were courteous and quick to answer questions. I would highly recommend Regal Printing for your book printing needs. "

Bill Jelen
Holy Macro! Books, OH, USA

Magazine Catalog Printing
Commercial Catalogue

" I was very pleased of how fast and precise your work was processed and delivered. Distance was not a problem at all and the quality of your work and professionalism is second to none. "

Jose Fraguas
General Manager
CFW Enterprises / Unique Publications, CA, USA

Children books Printed in china
Hard Cover Children book

" Overall, the quality of books I have received from Regal is quite excellent.
I could not have come close to the quality of materials they provided if I had printed in the US or Canada, both of which I researched before deciding to go with Regal. The prices to print a hard cover book in North America are exorbitant, as I'm sure you have found out already! "

Jill K. Cogdill
Two Bear Publishing, SC, USA

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